Delivery of Two New Bespoke Trailers

Join us on this week's episode of Tiller's Turf Talk as Richard discusses the new special delivery from Larrington Trailers of our two new Bespoke Trailers.

We are very excited to unveil the arrival of two new bespoke trailers designed to enhance efficiency for the harvest team. Farm manager Alan explains the need for these trailers, especially during the challenging winter months characterised by heavy rainfall. With hundreds of pallets of turf harvested weekly, the logistics of extraction and transportation demanded innovation. The process of designing these trailers involved meticulous planning, with Alan’s  knack for doodling kickstarting the brainstorming session.

Collaborating with Richard from Larrington Trailers they ensured adherence to regulations while prioritising functionality and safety. The trailers boast robust features, including a swivel drawbar, ample storage space, and secure locking mechanisms. From commercial-grade axles to specially designed turf tires aimed at minimising ground pressure, these trailers are the next step for our harvest team.

In conclusion, the arrival of our new bespoke trailers marks a significant milestone for our harvest team. Through careful planning and collaboration, we’ve created innovative solutions to address the challenges of turf extraction and transportation. These trailers, with their robust features, represent a leap forward in efficiency, safety, and productivity. We can’t wait to get them in the fields.