Tillers Turf Talk Ep 109 – A Day of Specialist Turf Harvest

In this week's Tillers Turf Talk, we embarked on a journey through the lush greens and vibrant wildflowers of Tillers Turf's specialty products.

In this week’s episode of Tillers Turf Talk, we ventured into the realm of specialty turf products, shedding light on the processes involved from pre-harvest procedures to the final delivery. Beginning with greens on root zone and fescue, we emphasised the importance of maintaining optimal turf quality, ensuring freshly cut products upon delivery. The attention to detail is evident in the careful inspection and quality control measures undertaken, guaranteeing superior turf standards.

Transitioning to wildflower turf, we highlighted the unique manual handling process employed for quality assurance, prioritising hygiene and plant count. This eco-friendly product not only beautifies landscapes but also fosters biodiversity, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious customers.

As the day concluded with the dispatch of specialised turf orders. Stay tuned for more insights into turf management and innovations from Tillers Turf.